Friday, September 30, 2016

The Wasps of New London Town

Malcolm hovered down the busy streets, narrowly missing various slow walking wasp commuters. He checked his wasp watch to check the wasp time. He could not be late today as he had a very important wasp meeting at his large company.

Malcolm had been in the employ of STING Computers for over 6 wasp years. He had shown an aptitude for working with, and gaining, new wasp clients. He had a happy, friendly attitude which was a refreshing change in such a cut throat, wasp eat wasp environment.

Malcolm boarded the wasp train to complete his journey. He popped in his wasp headphones and listened to WASP on his WaspMan. He wanted to make sure he was pumped up and ready to seal the wasp deal.

Malcolm arrived at his office and checked his wasp tie and fly (trousers) before he nodded a hello to the wasp receptionist.

"You're late" said Malcolm's wasp manager.

"I'm not" Malcolm replied "I'm right on wasp time"

"I wanted you to come earlier because of the meeting" his manager countered "Did you not get my wasp email?"



"But I'm here now and ready to get to it"

Malcolm's manager relented, believing Malcolm completely. He knew better than to mistrust such a loyal and honest worker. He put his wasp arm around him and lead him into the wasp elevator and towards the wasp meeting room.

To cut a long, wasp-based story short, Malcolm impressed and won the new wasp client wasp over.

He was, and is, a good wasp.

The Wasp End

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Charlies Lead

Newly single Edward feels all alone in this big world, if only he'd listen to what his dog Charlie is trying to tell him.


I haven't posted on here for a long time. Shame on me. Shame. Shame. Shame.

I still like the idea of throwing stuff out there, for people who stumble upon this to read; old friends, new friends, friends with wasteful access to time machines...

So, yeah, marriage.

I'm all married and stuff.

Almost three months in and it's been the same, but different. Like, say, when Mario becomes Super Mario or Banner becomes Hulk (but with no mushrooms or anger)

I left a job I loved because we, in professional terms, needed to see "other people". That was a hard decision because it was pretty fun but I get bored and when that kicks in, it's the end game. I'm really glad that I'm like that with jobs and not people. I suppose it's a testament to my romantic commitment that I'm married. I just need to find 'the one', job wise.

Old Shizzle